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G-TEENS Mentored
by professionals
they want to become.

Planning early,
against unemployment
and poverty.

G-TEENS informed on
Agenda 2063 and
how to work towards it.

One youth Network
across Africa.

We are an organisation run by African youth growing the biggest network of young people of substance in Africa, the G-TEEN Network

Our various platforms provide sufficient, regular and reliable, constructive media, information, inspiration, career guidance and mentorship to all young people.

Why we do what we do – To address the key issues; Lack of information access, unfiltered information from online sources, youth unemployment, poverty, school dropouts and unsustainable ways of living.

G-TEEN Network and the Sustainable Development Goals

We regularly inform teenagers about the Sustainable Development Goals, and also directly and indirectly engage them to actively participate towards attainment of the Global Agenda 2030 and the African Agenda 2063.

G-TEEN Magazine

This is created by to inform, educate, inspire, motivate and mentor teenagers across the country while filling an information gap of opportunities. The Magazine is guided by the Sustainable Development goals. The 2019 issue is the Environment issue.

G-TEEN School Tours

Our school tours are designed to engage teens in activities that build and transform their perspective towards life. The  2019 school tours started on June 1st 2019. We have a 3 hour fun packed (edutainment) event in 60 schools with career guidance – inspiration – motivation talks, games and challenges.

Our Activities

Educative and Entertaining that guide, inform and inspire young people.


Mindset change is one of the key reasons for

G-TEEN’s existance.


Advocacy, SDGs, Agenda 2063, Career Guidance, Development, Mentorship, Inspiration and Motivation.

G - TEEN TV Show

This is a creation of the organisation GENEX showcasing relevant teen centric media to ensure the holistic growth of this young generation, impacting the next generation aired on Urban TV.

Few relevant, positive and constructive media avenues exist for young people today and are easily accessible to them. Moreover, many opportunities actually exist for young people in Uganda, but they never get to know about them. The world is evolving fast, young people need to be frequently informed and updated in every development aspect, so that they can plan accordingly, in order to be able to make more rightful decisions for their future.

Join the biggest network of youth across Africa.

The avenue through which we communicate all opportunities and relevant events to all members.

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