G-TEEN is collecting funds to start a medium-large scale poultry farm, in a rural district in Uganda, to take back to school at least 250 children every year and also create jobs for at least 20 families at every one time. The sum of money (USD 148,000) needed is a one-time collection, to be used to start a sustainable income generating community business whose profits will be solely used to give scholarships to as many children as possible for generations to come as long as the business lives. Part of the profits will be used to replicate the community business to other rural communities. The business will also be used to train youth on modern and sustainable ways of poultry farming, encourage them to stay in the rural area and use available resources to make a good living, improve their livelihoods and encourage growth of the region. Why chicken farming? Chicken farming is very profitable with a high rate of return in Uganda especially when well planned and done professionally on large scale – a rare scenario due to high start capital.
For a detailed business plan, please contact G-TEEN at  Kindly donate generously to this sustainable cause!
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A lot of families in the vast rural Africa earn below a dollar a day. These families have girl children. No wonder, one cause of girl-child school drop outs is lack of sanitary towels for the 3-6 days every month. It is very expensive and practically impossible to have the “one-time-use” sanitary towels, a packet of which, in Uganda averagely costs 1$. Access to sanitary towels is therefore a major short term problem for an average Ugandan girl and deters them from successfully pursuing long term undertakings.   G-TEEN is teaching young girls to make for themselves sustainable and reliable re-useable sanitary towels that can be washed and re-used year long. One girl needs about 4 towels in a year. Production of 1 re-useable sanitary towel costs G-TEEN 1.25$. This means every girl will need 5$ per year for this. This will help the girl manage to continue staying in school and pursue life-long opportunities. G-TEEN is targeting 20,000 girls in 4 East African countries. G-TEEN therefore needs 25,000$ times 4; for this project. Donate 5$ to save 1 girl’s future; or donate more to save many. You can use any of the payment options below.
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One big challenge stretching all forms of poverty – generation after generation, in Africa, as well as poor health and poor livelihoods is LACK OF CRITICAL INFORMATION at an earlier time in life, especially for the majority young people in rural areas. The G-TEEN magazine is currently the only magazine in Uganda written specifically to fill this information gap, listing various opportunities meant for the young people to transform their lives, and literature on the various vices to avoid in order to have a successful near future. Unlike other countries, there is no internet access in many parts of Africa so children are un-informed. This 72 paged quality magazine that costs only 4$ gathers all vital information for every young person, and can be distributed to the deepest ends of the country. This magazine is unique and therefore needs to be accessed by all young people; unfortunately, the ones it matters most to, cannot afford it. Help a child access the G-TEEN Magazine by buying a copy for one child at 4$; or as many copies for as many children as possible.
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