G-TEEN Magazine

This is created to inform, educate, inspire, motivate and mentor teenagers across the country and the entire continent while filling an information gap of opportunities. You can purchase a G-teen magazine for a rural child in Africa at only US$ 3.5 0r £ 3.2 or Ugx 13,000 for details on how to purchase one visit our Donate option

Financial Literacy

G-Teen Magazine has content on Financial Literacy for teenagers, created with the Uganda National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

Comic Books

The Bank of Uganda and G-Teen are moving around in secondary schools distributing comic books on Financial Literacy along with the G-Teen magazine.


A famous African and Ugandan musician A-pass, is mentoring teenagers with key infotainment messages in the G-Teen magazine.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Magazine is guided by the Sustainable Development goals. The 2019 issue is the Environment issue.